Couple Sessions

Marley + Cody | North Georgia Engagement Session

When Marley first emailed me about photographing her engagement session, she told me they wanted it to be at Cody's family property in Clarkesville, Georgia. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I was so excited to be photographing a new spot. When I arrived (**by the grace of God -- see below) I was blown away by the beauty of the property --- rolling green hills with a gray + blue mountain background. It was perfect! We piled in my assistant's (i.e. Cody's dad) truck & he drove us to a few different spots all over the property, each more gorgeous than the next. Not to mention my models for the evening -- Marley + Cody -- who are so incredibly sweet & in-love. Needless to say, it was a perfect evening & I adore this session. Marley + Cody -- thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this season of your lives! 

xo- Heather

** When your "Oil Change Needed" light comes on in your car, don't assume you can wait a week before changing said oil. On the way to their session, my "Oil Change Needed" light changed to the "Oil Change NOW" light.....when I was in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday evening. I pulled into a gas station & decided I'd just buy a quart of oil & put it in myself....LOL. Didn't know what kind of oil or how to put it in (& neither did the gas station attendant that I asked), so that didn't go well. A quick Google search (after both my dad & Nathan didn't answer their phones!) led me to the correct oil so I purchased a quart & decided to risk continuing my journey. I was about 25 miles from the session location & just prayed I could make it there & ask Cody to help me. I made it (!!!) & after the session his dad changed my oil for me. So THAT was an adventure. 

Oh, & while I was gone on this 5 hour journey to North GA, I locked Nathan out of our house & he had to break his way back in. All in a day's work!