Couple Session

Ali + Chris | Anniversary | North GA Mountains | 5.13.2017

Ali & I grew up together in the North Georgia Mountains -- Hiawasseee, GA to be exact -- & the memories of the two of us together could fill a novel. We were ALWAYS together -- from being in all of the same classes, to going on each other's family vacations , to always making sure our "boyfriends" (or whatever you call them in middle school) were best friends so we could do everything together.

And then came college where she & I lived together freshman year & she quickly met the love of her life, Chris. Post-college, I got to stand beside Ali as she married her dream man (which she would then do for me a couple of years later). All of that to say, I love Ali. And I love Chris for loving her (& just in general). SO, I obviously jumped at the opportunity to take anniversary photos for them. And just look at these two -- their love is palpable! Thank you Ali + Chris for this beautiful opportunity.